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Build competence, confidence, and fluency with FES training.

Most English is spoken by non-native speakers. The key is not to focus on perfect grammar and syntax. Instead, focus on effective communication and polite, professional English that is appropriate for the international business world.

Bespoke training for companies and individuals

FES offers tailored English training to companies and individuals.

English is the language of business and we focus on functional, relevant language training. Our definition of good English is «Whatever is effectively communicated; whatever is clearly understood». We give our participants a polite, professional English that is appropriate for the international business world.

Assessing your needs

First we visit your company to find out exactly what you need. We want to make the best possible program so it’s good to meet potential participants and get a feel for the working environment.

We learn about your business specifics and work with directly relevant themes.

We identify the types of English interaction that most need work. For example, we could work on telephone English, business emails or meeting language. We also learn about the topics you need to discuss: managing suppliers, keeping customers happy, marketing, negotiation.

This first visit is free.

The training itself

Training takes place in-company.

We recommend training in blocks of 90 minutes. For companies with multiple groups, classes of 60 minutes are also available.

We work with groups of 1-12 people.

Each class is different, depending on a customer’s specific needs. A typical class could include: an informal speaking activity, new language integration (for example phrases to use with difficult customers), practicing the new language in a structured speaking activity, review and correction of errors, or a fast-paced speaking activity.

We also offer specific training for presentations, email, telephone, meetings, etc.


We make imperfect English documents perfect.

No matter how strong your English there are some documents that require native-speaker polish. We offer competitively-priced editing of documents large and small.

Examples of this include:

  • The English text on your website
  • Brochures, catalogues and other marketing material
  • The Powerpoint for your presentation
  • Professional and academic papers
Let us help you out


FES offers a two-stage German to English translation process.

First the document is translated by one of our native speakers. Then the document is checked and edited by a second native-speaker to make sure it reads perfectly. Only when we are 100 % satisfied do we send the finished translation to you.

For very technical or industry specific language we may need to double-check that we understand your exact meaning correctly. This is done by phone/email and is at no extra cost.

Let us help you out

Our model

Our vision is to offer the best learning experience to our customers and reward our exceptional teachers for doing this. We believe we all profit through collaboration.

Freiburg English Services is run by teachers. We have no school taking a cut and very little overhead so we are able to offer the best prices to our customers.

We tailor our courses to meet the needs of our customers meaning our programs are much more effective than traditional textbook-based teaching.

We respect our customers. Supporting and helping your staff and your business is rewarding to us. We believe that FES succeeds when our customer succeeds. For this reason we are more interested in giving the best service and building partnerships than short-term profit maximisation.

We trust our teachers. Our business model lets teachers be better paid and more creative, which we’ve found leads to the best teachers facilitating amazing learning outcomes.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact us today to discuss your needs, enquire about courses or services, or book a free assessment visit.